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Stock Trader Domingo Turned $300 Into A $80,000 Funded Account

“Low your position size on trades where you are not extremely confident in” That’s [...]

April 27, 2023

$80,000 fully-funded trading account

Because of TTP Risk Management I’m Now A $160K Funded Trader

“Low your position size on trades where you are not extremely confident in,” That’s [...]

March 28, 2023

logic of trading at ttp

A Trader’s Life Podcast with Nicholas Penrake and Michael Katz

In this episode of “A Trader’s Life” podcast, the host – Nicholas [...]

March 09, 2023

traders life podcast

CPI & PCE – Which one is “the one”?

Introduction Amongst others, the two most commonly used methods to calculate inflation are the [...]

March 07, 2023

Olga is Managing a $160,000 Trading Halt Strategy

“Protect the capital. Use small wins to build your cushion” That’s Olga’s Advice. Let’s [...]

February 14, 2023

TTP trader - Olga talks about trading halt strategy

GDP Growth Rate- Your Quarterly Economy Health Report

 Introduction The peace at which the national GDP increases is, naturally, of great interest to [...]

February 07, 2023

gdp growth rate

Prop Traders Vs Broker Traders

Looking for a broker? WHY, OH WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?? Here are 5 GREAT reasons why you [...]

January 31, 2023

prop traders vs broker traders

Quantitative Easing – What the FED Giveth…

Now that we all know that the Fed can (and does) lower the interest rate to boost economic [...]

January 24, 2023

TTP - Quantitative Easing - QE

Trade Ideas – the New Toolset for TTP Traders

We are so very happy to introduce another new partner – Trade Ideas, The Must Have Stock [...]

January 22, 2023

trade ideas on ttp

TrendSpider – The Next Generation of Charting for TTP Traders

We are always in pursuit to give our traders the best tools in the market, which is why we are [...]

January 18, 2023

Merry Xmass. Happy New 2024 Year