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Prop Traders Vs Broker Traders

Looking for a broker for the new year? WHY, OH WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?? Here are 5 GREAT [...]

January 31, 2023

Quantitative Easing – What the FED Giveth…

Now that we all know that the Fed can (and does) lower the interest rate to boost economic [...]

January 24, 2023

Trade Ideas – the New Toolset for TTP Traders

We are so very happy to introduce another new partner – Trade Ideas, The Must Have Stock [...]

January 22, 2023

TrendSpider – The Next Generation of Charting for TTP Traders

We are always in pursuit to give our traders the best tools in the market, which is why we are [...]

January 18, 2023

Inflation – The Other Side of the… Dollar Bill

Here we are on to the third article of the “Federal Reserve System” series. In the previous [...]

January 17, 2023

Alexander Got Funded Trading Penny Stocks

“Low your position size on trades where you are not extremely confident in,” That’s [...]

January 12, 2023

Unemployment Rate – Why is it so important to the Fed?

In the first article of the “Federal Reserve System” series, we spoke about the different [...]

January 10, 2023

Ricardo Reveals The Strategy That Made Him A TTP Funded Trader

“Start with a small position and add if it’s going in your direction” That’s Ricardo’s [...]

January 08, 2023

FOMC – The 12 votes behind every American monetary policy

If it affects the markets, it affects you and this surely does Given its importance and [...]

January 03, 2023

Trade The Pool 2022 Recap & 2023 Exciting News and Projects

2023, we are coming for you big time! In this video, Alex and Michael Katz, the CEO of Trade [...]

January 02, 2023

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