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This Is What Got Me Funded With $160K

“Trade the Pool is filling a void in the trading community” Tom W., 22 years old, [...]

January 18, 2024

TTP $20k Funded Trader – “Profitable Trader? Join ASAP!”

“I’ve actually saved more money despite going through 10-12 accounts.“ Jimmy L., 29 [...]

January 11, 2024

TTP $160k Funded Trader By Primarily Shorting Big Gappers

“Trading Is Hard Without The Ability To Pick Yourself Up During Hard Times” Joseph [...]

December 28, 2023

TTP $20k Funded Trader – “TTP Has Improved My Discipline & Account Management”

“Divide Your Risks Into Several Deals, And Don’t Rush To Win.” Mohammed A., [...]

December 21, 2023

TTP $260k Funded Trader – “You can withdraw profits and grow your account simultaneously”

“Find the right direction on your path” Michael T., 31 years old, from the USA. [...]

November 30, 2023

Stocks withdraw profits

TTP $80k Funded Trader – “With TTP, I feel more accountable, and have a full-system support”

Patricia S., 40 years old, from the USA. “Don’t swing for the fences. You’ve got a lot of [...]

November 16, 2023

TTP stocks prop firm

TTP $160k Funded Trader – “TTP’s risk management helped me become a consistent trader”

“Everything leading to success is about risk management and trading psychology.” [...]

October 26, 2023

risk management and trading psychology

TTP $20k Funded Trader – “Funded trading could be scaled rapidly when done right”

“Incorporating position risk management into your trading plan is essential for passing [...]

October 19, 2023

TTP $160k Funded Trader – From a young prospect to a $160K stock star

“Having a risk manager really helped me make sure I was making sound decisions” [...]

October 12, 2023

TTP $160k Funded Trader – “Trade the Pool helped me control my risk management.”

“Focusing on my downside risk is my number 1 responsibility as a trader!” Denis B., [...]

October 05, 2023

Merry Xmass. Happy New 2024 Year