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12 Trade Management Golden Tips For Day Traders

Introduction As a day trader, effectively managing trades is a critical component of gaining [...]

March 04, 2024

Day Trading Rules Book

Introduction Statistics show that virtually all successful stock traders have one [...]

January 22, 2024

trading rules book

The importance of keeping a Trading Journal

Introduction In a fast-paced and dynamic environment such as the world of financial trading, [...]

July 17, 2023

become a better trader

Invest in Stocks with Little Money

Introduction So, you’ve decided to to and trade stocks, but you only have little money to [...]

July 10, 2023

how to invest in stocks for beginners with little money

Generative A.I. – The Future Is Now

Open AI, Microsoft, Google, and Meta locked in the race for artificial intelligence supremacy. [...]

May 02, 2023

Investing in ai technology

Because of TTP Risk Management I’m Now A $160K Funded Trader

“Low your position size on trades where you are not extremely confident in,” That’s [...]

March 28, 2023

logic of trading at ttp

Olga is Managing a $160,000 Trading Halt Strategy

“Protect the capital. Use small wins to build your cushion” That’s Olga’s Advice. Let’s [...]

February 14, 2023

TTP trader - Olga talks about trading halt strategy

Prop Traders Vs Broker Traders

Looking for a broker? WHY, OH WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT?? Here are 5 GREAT reasons why you [...]

January 31, 2023

prop traders vs broker traders

Alexander Got Funded Trading Penny Stocks

“Low your position size on trades where you are not extremely confident in” That’s [...]

January 12, 2023

Alexander Got Funded Trading Penny Stocks

Ricardo Reveals The Strategy That Made Him A TTP Funded Trader

“Start with a small position and add if it’s going in your direction” That’s Ricardo’s [...]

January 08, 2023

TTP Funded Trader
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