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Withdraw profits and scale up your funded account at the same time.

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TTP Funded Trader

Withdraw history

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So you met our funded program objectives, making you a funded stock star with our stocks prop firm! You'll get to trade the live pool account and start cashing money.

  • You will never have to cover losses, but you will get up to 80% of the gains.

  • You will be able to manage more money as you show profitability.

  • You will enjoy unlimited growth, literally.



Our relationship has upgraded!

You have proven your trading and management skills. Our stocks prop firm is ready to commit real funds for you to manage. We trust you! We now work together to grow together.

Unlimited scale-up plan

The more daily loss you have —> the more risk you can take —-> the more money you can make.
Withdraw profits and grow your daily loss to the infinite, at the same time.
More daily loss = more $ = more daily loss = more $.

Start trading now

Your progression is measured by our pump formula

“Pump” formula:

Every time you reach the program's 10% target we will increase your Buying Power and Daily Pause.

Before The Pump:

  • Program name

    Ultimate BP
  • Daily Pause

  • Buying Power from the previous example


After The Pump:

  • Program name

    Ultimate BP
  • Daily Pause

  • Buying Power from the previous example


See the full scaling plan for all programs on our FAQ section

How To Grow a Small Account

Michael has over 17 years of experience in trading stocks and futures, before being our awesame CEO, he was the head of traders in a local prop firm. Along the way Michael developed risk and automation tools traders.

Gil Ben Hur - TTP Prop Firm Founder

Gil is the founder of The5ers & TTP.
He has been a passionate, independent, forex day trader since 2007 and has designed The5ers’ programs based on years of working alongside veteran forex traders.

Yaniv Elbaz - TTP Prop Firm

With B.Sc. in Software Engineering and MBA in Finance & Risk Management, Yaniv is responsible for all the technological and operational aspects at Trade The Pool.

Yaniv is an avid technical analyst, and passionate forex, stocks, and futures trader since 2008. 

TOMER Dubrov - TTP Prop Firm

Tomer is our social network strategic expert with years of hands-on and management experience.

Ophira has been building, managing, and promoting websites for over 11 years, ensuring the website is optimized for both users and search engines.


Alex entered the trading space by trading crypto derivatives, and holds a diverse portfolio. He is now the head of our Trader Success Team and loves speaking to you, our traders, on the phone.

Gil is an enthusiastic social media expert who constantly runs updates about TTP, day and night! In between posts Gil also plays electric guitar for a local band.

Saul Lokier

Saul is the CEO of our primary brand The5ers.
He is a talented forex trader with years of experience.
This guy eats pips for breakfast!

Georgy Glezer

A dynamic tech leader, excelling in roles like Technical Lead and VP of RnD, with diverse experience, committed to driving digital innovations and shaping the tech landscape.

Valery Kuznetsov

Valery functions in the core of Trade The Pool development process, assuming responsibility for the building and scalability of the company user dashboards, 3rd party integration, and algorithms.

Tal Kenigsbuch - Trade The Pool

Tal is an efficient programmer responsible for cloud integrations. Tal is a passionate problem-solver, who is eager to learn new skills and raise the bar.

Raz Ben Israel

An experienced product manager adept at driving innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences. Skilled in product strategy, roadmap planning, and cross-functional team leadership.

Social Media expert, managing the social media channels for The5ers.

Emy Zemmour

With a Dual Major in Business & Economics, specializing in Finance.
Captivated by the trading world from a young age, she is now head of our Trader Success team and risk decisions.

With over a decade of experience in the forex and binary industry, Allon has honed his skills as a trader and investor in both forex and cryptocurrencies.

Jonathan Svetskin

Holder of a BA and MA in Finance, specializing in the capital market, with over a decade of analytical prowess in investment companies. Expertly navigates financial landscapes with a wealth of experience.

Oz Abadi

Oz is an artist who is responsible for the delivery of high-quality user interface materials for us at Trade The Pool and loves providing exceptional and intuitive material design.

Dima Abelski

Creative professional responsible for overseeing and guiding the visual and aesthetic aspects of a project or campaign.

Lee Manor

Lee is a passionate motion graphic designer and content creator, known for embracing new styles and innovative video tools. Outside of work, Lee delights in playing ice hockey and mastering the flavors of Thai cooking.

Chen Shlomo Hacohen

A seasoned Finance Manager with 6+ years of expertise, excels in financial analysis, building models, and devising strategic financial plans. Adept at translating complex data into actionable insights, Chen drives organizational success through insightful financial management.

From accounting to conferences, company parties and all-year-round events, Yael takes care of it all!

Characterized by a simple approach to trading influenced by global economic, Jordon is the Senior Analyst and a Portfolio Manager at Trade The Pool.

A UX/UI leader with 18+ years of experience, Olga excels in crafting intuitive experiences and fostering team excellence. Currently pursuing a Psychology degree to deepen her understanding of users.

Amir Sahar

Amir is a seasoned Senior Software Developer with extensive experience in AI startups and financial platforms. He excels in delivering robust, scalable solutions and driving technological advancements. Amir expertise in AI and financial technologies makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Kostya Kotov

With a bachelor’s degree in computer technology Kostya already has 5 years of experience developing various products in the fields of crypto, social, networking, and more.

With an MBA in Business Administration & Economics and an MA in Finance, Neal is a data analytics specialist with extensive experience in capital markets.

Anouk Setrouk

Experienced Senior Equity & Derivatives Trader and Financial Analyst skilled in executing trading strategies, optimizing portfolios, and data analysis. Proven expertise in risk management and finance operations.

We Fund Stock Traders

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  • Trade more than 12,000 Stocks & ETFs
  • Trade or Short Penny Stocks
  • Trade Any Strategy or System
  • Day Trade or Swing Trade (including over the weekend!)
  • Trade Pre or After Market Hours
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