May 16, 2024

The Stock Hunter! – $20K Stock Funded Trader Scottie G.

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    “I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be able to trade alongside other amazing traders!”

    Scottie G., 25 years old, from the USA.

    Scottie has successfully passed our Mini Buying Power program, and he is now TTP’s funded trader managing a $20K account, or as we call it, he is a true “Stock Star”.

    We spoke with Scottie about his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the markets and our platform as a funded trader.


    Q&A With Scottie

    Tell us a little bit about yourself

    My name is Scottie but everyone calls me Shamek (Shuh-May). I’ve had my fair amount of experiences in life. Moved around a lot as a kid (military parents), been out of the country a few times, and started a couple of businesses. After everything is said and done, my heart belongs to trading!

    Trading to me, feels as though everything I’ve ever experienced in life has built me up and has been preparing me for this! It involves psychology, it involves people and trends! It involves self mastery and resilience! It is something that you could spend a lifetime mastering, and still continue learning more about!

    How long have you been trading?

    3+ years

    Briefly describe your trading plan and how it contributes to your success

    My trading plan is simple. I scan stocks the night before and create a watchlist with stocks that fall into 1 of 3 trade ideas. Depending on the idea and the variation, I’ll size in accordingly. This allows me to use more risk on higher probability setups and minimize losses on lower probability plays.

    Share with us a challenge you faced in your trading career and how you overcame it?

    The biggest challenge I faced was the feeling of needing to be further along in my trading career. I saw so many other traders posting huge gains and having record months. It makes you feel like you’re not getting it, even after years of trading. What helped me overcome this challenge was finally falling in love with my own process! Journaling and reviewing my trades! Finding out where I could improve. Enjoying the process of trading; the full process and not just the executions on the chart. That helped me stop comparing myself to others!

    Describe a key moment in your trading career

    A key moment in my trading career was when I really learned to understand my trading data. I realized where I was hurting myself and was able to cut it out. I also had a sit down with a good buddy who showed me another way of looking at my data which changed my view all together! Just by looking at it from different time frames.

    How long did it take for you to become a consistent trader, and what aspects did you change for that?

    Year after year, I’ve had growth but I have been consistently profitable after about 2 years. To get here, I needed to learn what kind of trader I wanted to be. My values and beliefs had to align with the trader I wanted to be. I wouldn’t be able to make it as a swing trader if my nerves kept me awake at night if I needed to hold a trade overnight.

    What is your mental/psychological strength, and how did you develop it

    Resilience is my psychological strength. In order to develop resilience, you just have to go through the experiences and grow from them. If you can make the conscious decision to keep going, even when things look grim, you’ll be able to overcome anything and achieve everything!

    What was your strategy for successfully passing the evaluation phase?

    My strategy was simple! Trade the 3 ideas in my playbook with size. Properly size in, according to trade variation. I would use tight stops so I had more opportunities to nail the meat of the move.

    How has Trade The Pool improved your trading?

    Trading for Trade The Pool allows me to trade without PDT. This means I can execute on my trade ideas a lot more effectively without the worry of not having anymore trades for the week.

    What would you recommend to someone who is just starting with us?

    Learn how to size in to your positions because the trade max loss will trip you up if you let it! Overall though, it’s an amazing feature because it helps to each you risk management! Just gotta learn to work with it first!

    Share online resources that were/are significant in your trading development.

    Tradervue is super useful! This tool allows you to look at your data and see what mistakes you’re making. You can cut the fat out and focus on what you’re doing well. It helps you visualize what you should be sizing into and what you shouldn’t be touching.

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