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Day Trading Rules Book

Introduction Statistics show that virtually all successful stock traders have one [...]

January 22, 2024

trading rules book

This Is What Got Me Funded With $160K

“Trade the Pool is filling a void in the trading community” Tom W., 22 years old, [...]

January 18, 2024

What Is A Stock Screener?

Introduction As you all know, stock day trading is one of the fastest-paced and most [...]

January 15, 2024

finviz stock scanner

TTP $20k Funded Trader – “Profitable Trader? Join ASAP!”

“I’ve actually saved more money despite going through 10-12 accounts.“ Jimmy L., 29 [...]

January 11, 2024

6 Cryptocurrency stocks to keep an eye on in 2024

Introduction Cryptocurrencies and crypto assets have gained immense popularity over the past [...]

January 08, 2024

crypto bull run

Bear Traps

Introduction Markets, as well as charts, are not always easy to read. Traders have to [...]

January 01, 2024

TTP $160k Funded Trader By Primarily Shorting Big Gappers

“Trading Is Hard Without The Ability To Pick Yourself Up During Hard Times” Joseph [...]

December 28, 2023

Displaced Moving Average

Introduction Traders nowadays have an almost infinite number of technical analysis tools at [...]

December 25, 2023

TTP $20k Funded Trader – “TTP Has Improved My Discipline & Account Management”

“Divide Your Risks Into Several Deals, And Don’t Rush To Win.” Mohammed A., [...]

December 21, 2023

Fibonacci Retracements

Introduction Fibonacci Retracements are powerful technical analysis tools based on the [...]

December 18, 2023

Merry Xmass. Happy New 2024 Year