May 16, 2023

Arbnor’s way – Short Selling Small-Cap Stocks

Arbnor’s advice: Scale in and scale out to help you control the risk

Arbnor T, From the US.

Arbnor has successfully passed our Extra Buying Power program and is now one of TTP’s funded traders, or as we call it, he is a true “Stock Star.”
Every time he reaches 5 consecutive winning days, we will boost his buying power and max exposure.

We spoke with Arbnor about his trading plan, insights, and lessons gained while trading in the markets and our platform as a funded trader. In this interview he discusses his trading journey, strategy, and success. He started trading in January 2021, after studying for a year and a half, and has since made $160K as a funded trader.

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Starting Out

Arbnor moved to Waco, Texas, to focus on his studies and trading. He hit the books and DVDs for eight months before starting paper trading for another eight to nine months. By putting in the work, he was able to transition from paper trading to trading with real money smoothly.

Trading Strategy

Arbnor focuses primarily on short selling small-cap stocks, typically under $20 and over 50 cents. He looks for overextension, where a stock goes from one dollar to nine dollars in one day or a few days. Once he starts to see signs of weakness, such as a mean red candle or buying volume not moving the chart anymore, he will start to short sell.

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Determining the Top

When asked how he determines the top, Arbnor states that it’s an art and a science. He looks for multiple indicators of weakness, such as red candles, volume buying not moving the chart anymore, and signs of topping off. He doesn’t know for sure if it’s the top, but the more indicators he sees, the more confident he is in the trade.

Scaling into Positions

Arbnor used to go all-in on a trade, but he has since learned to scale into positions. By scaling in, he gets better averages and can manage risk better.


Arbnor’s trading journey is a testament to the importance of putting in the work and developing a strategy that works for you. His focus on short selling small-cap stocks under $20 and over 50 cents has proven successful, and he has been able to make $160K as a funded trader. His willingness to adapt and learn has helped him to become a successful trader and a valuable member of Trade Pool.

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