July 1, 2024

TTP Order Flow

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    There are quite a few reasons that Trade The Pool is becoming so popular so fast but, with no doubt,  the main one is that we really care about our traders. As simple as that.

    Whether it is a new technology or software, new products, and services, new learning material, new competitions (or –  sometimes – even all of the above together), we love to challenge ourselves to constantly raise the bar of how much we are willing and able to provide for you all.

    For example, Order Flow Trading is increasing in popularity at an unbelievable pace and our traders asked us for tools that would allow them to access real-time market and Order Flow data.
    We answered by giving them the best: TrendSpider! And then topped it by making it free for a whole 45-day period.

    Order Flow is a really powerful tool but power requires control. Control requires knowledge, And knowledge… well, that’s where this new article comes in.

    What is Order Flow Trading?

    Order flow trading is a trading style based on the analysis of actual orders (both buy and sell) that are flowing through the market. Think of it as having a backstage pass to see what the other traders are doing as they are doing it.

    By evaluating the volume, speed, and size of orders, traders can get a sneaky insight into market sentiment and potential price movements.

    How does Order Flow Analysis work?

    Order flow analysis is all about figuring out and understanding the interactions between all market participants, including large institutions and retail traders. The clues for this understanding are spread across a number of tools and components but the five main ones are:

    The Order Book

    The Order Book is a real-time, electronic list of buy and sell orders for a specific asset, organized by price level.

    Tape Reading (Time and Sales)

    To read the tapes means to meticulously track each trade as it happens, giving a detailed view of order execution.

    The Delta (Buy vs. Sell Volume)

    The Delta measures the difference between aggressive buyers and sellers, providing a sense of market sentiment and bias.

    The Trade Volume Profile

    The TVP tool shows how many trades happen at each price level over a chosen time.
    It finds important prices where lots of trading happens. These prices, of course, are often in fact the support or resistance levels.

    The Footprint Charts

    These are charts that show trade volumes as buys or sells at every price.
    They give a detailed view of trading helping you see where strong buying or selling is taking place.

    ttp - a prop firm for stock traders

    What is all the fuss with Order Flow trading?

    Think about it. Being able to access the Order Flow is a bit like being able to peek behind the scenes of the market undisturbed.

    While most technical indicators use past price data to calculate entry and exit signals, Order Flow Analysis lets you in on what’s happening right now.

    Knowing what the market is thinking and doing, means that you have the advantage every trader wishes for. It could transform your early detection capabilities as you’d be able to spot potential reversals or continuations before they become evident on traditional charts and to other traders.

    It could increase your precision allowing you to make entry and exit decisions with better accuracy and confidence.

    Undoubtedly, Order Flow Analysis would also improve your risk management since by understanding the intentions of other market participants, you can set much more effective stop-losses and take-profits.

    So… yeah, that’s what all the fuss is about.

    Key Notes

    Order Flow trading has some upsides that can make your trading better:

    • Instant Market Insight
      This trading focuses on live orders and trades. It gives you up-to-date info, so you can keep up with market changes.
    • Better Timing
      Knowing how orders move helps you pick better times to buy or sell. You can spot when buyers come in or when there’s more selling, which helps you make sharper choices.
    • Better Market Insights
      Trading with Order Flow helps you grasp market actions more and better. This is helpful when markets swing a lot or when news stories shake up the market.
    • Less Delay
      Many tools and chart indicators fall behind and show market changes late. With Order Flow Analysis, you get the latest data right away and can act faster in trading.

    Using  Order Flow to Trade the Stock Market

    While order flow analysis can be applied to various financial instruments, it’s especially effective in stock trading. Understanding how large orders impact individual stocks and being able to see when they are made in real-time gives traders an edge in anticipating price movements.

    Let’s just take a look at a couple of practical examples.

    Examples of Order Flow Analysis

    Let’s consider these scenarios:

    Example 1: Spotting a Reversal

    Imagine you’re trading the S&P 500 Futures. You observe a significant buy wall in the Order Book at a crucial support level. Simultaneously, the Time and Sales data show large buy orders hitting the tape aggressively. This influx of buy orders suggests that big players are stepping in to support the market, indicating a potential reversal.

    This is where tools like Bookmap come into play.
    With Bookmap’s real-time visualization of order flow, traders can see the exact moment large buy orders emerge, helping them to enter long positions with increased confidence.

    Example 2: Breaking Down Resistance

    Let’s say you’re trading a popular stock, and you notice persistent large sell orders at a specific price level. This resistance appears to be capping the stock’s upward movement. As you monitor the interactive brokers’ order flow, you see these sell orders gradually being absorbed by aggressive buyers.

    Once these large sell orders are exhausted, the stock has the potential to break out past the resistance, providing a lucrative buying opportunity.

    Key Notes
    TTP Order Flow now includes:

    • Bookmap
    • Super Dom
    • and Scalper

    Take advantage now!

    TTP Order Flow – Trading with Trade The Pool

    At Trade The Pool, we’ve integrated sophisticated order flow tools to help you get a better overall picture of what is going on in the market while you trade.

    By trading with Trade The Pool, you wouldn’t just gain free access to Bookmap for as long as 45 days (Bookmap is amongst the best Order Flow software in the market), but you’d also have SuperDom and Scalper as new trading tools for your arsenal and enjoy the benefits that come with it.


    TTP’s scalper window is a unique feature that is made for seizing tight-spread opportunities while watching the order flow of the book. It is important to remember that the understanding of the size and the level of the order flow, will determine if the buyers/sellers can hold the level.

    ttp order flow scalper


    With TTP’s super DOM, you can find the order blocks that will give you an understanding of which side is in control and most importantly where will be the shift of power.
    One tactic you can use when trading the Super DOM is to spot the big seller/buyer,  wait for the seller/buyer to get his/her shares, and jump in for the break.

    ttp order flow superdom


    Order flow trading is a game-changer for modern traders.
    By peeling back the layers of market activity, it offers a transparent view of real-time transactions, which traditional technical analysis can’t provide.
    Whether you’re trading stocks, ETFs, commodities, or other financial instruments with Trade The Pool, learning and mastering order flow analysis can significantly improve your trading.

    At Trade The Pool, our mission is to empower traders with the best tools available, and order flow analysis is central to this vision. Trade with us, enjoy Bookmap, and unlock its (and your) potential.

    Hope this helps!

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